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Learning Outcomes

The intention was to raise participants’ knowledge about the heart and factors contributing to heart disease. Input by health specialists and science presentations ensured that students were armed with enough information to create a short animation or audio sound track in artistic workshops running concurrently.
Students were taught simple clinical skills including how to locate and monitor a heart beat as well as taking blood pressure of fellow class mates.This assisted the students in visualising the workings of the heart and blood flow.

The visual workshops taught the children valuable skills in photography, stop frame animation and art and design. It gave students the opportunity to discuss and translate science information through to storyboarding of ideas, leading on to a final animation.

Audio workshops taught the children valuable skills in music composition, including pitch, tempo, arrangement and performing together in a live choir. Students concentrated on recreating sounds with their voices from real scientific recording as well as interpreting body sounds from visual stimuli. (photographs, slides etc)

Listening skills were finely tuned during this project and students were given free range to explore and identify the uniqueness of their own voice and consider how this could contribute to the individual sounds that needed to be replicated in each movement to tell the story.

Students learnt how to work in small groups replicating individual sounds which were then arranged with other sounds to create four different movements. During this phase of Corporeal Cacophony, students learnt valuable music skills, performing as a choir and listening when to come in and drop out of the choral piece according to the science story.

Corporeal Cacophony
and the Curriculum

Corporeal Cacophony fits closely with the curriculum units KS3
8B Respiration
9B Fit and Healthy, and themes on “Why am I special?” and “Healthy Lifestyles.”

Additional Outcomes

In addition to the music and art skills and acquisition of science knowledge, Corporeal Cacophony has assisted the participants currently studying BTEC Level 1 in Healthy eating, leading on to Level 2 in Nutrition Awareness.


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